Designer Portfolio App Ui Kit


  • Date Added: 15 September 2017 Friday

  • Categories: PSD

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  • Description: A portfolio concept application design ui kit with all its elements; free to download in psd format.

    A portfolio app ui that is meant to act as a social network for creatives & designers. In this app, every designer have an account that he would register for it just like any other social network website. In this account, the creatives will be able to search for designers, follow them, add them or hire them. Designers in this psd app can follow the designers they like and view their portfolios. This would be done for inspiration purposes or fir hiring them for some of their projects. Other pages in this app are statistics, to do calender list, & colors page. In statistics, a designer can show his projects viewings, statistics about his followers, followings & much more. The calender to do list on the other hand is where a designer can add reminders about his clients, due dates, deadlines and so on. Colors page is where the designer can add some of his favorite colors as a way of personal identity about his design direction.


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